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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
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PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Yay!2day my school had a celebration 4 us kids...the ONLY time when we c our teachers make a fool of themselves!The performance was great,with dancing and singing(maybe)and lots of joking!I liked it.I oso got a goodie bag full of snacks.okay,maybe nt full but got stuff...I think i got potato chips,biscuits,sweet,lollipop,pen,lead,pencil,highlighter,mini keychain...n zats abt it.then aft recess we read book 4 30 minutes,n aft that was GAMES!!!GAMES all the wayy till dismissal.we played dog and bone,what time is it and captain ball.the boys cheated a bit though,but every1 was so much fun indeed.
And I'm not a racist,unlike my classmates,so I would like to say...

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Muslim readers.

on The Social Network at 1:53 PM