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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Friday, December 25, 2009
May the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ fill you with happiness always~ =D
Ok...I'm leaving tomorrow night.....and don't call or sms me from tomorrow till 3rd Jan.
So before I go...I'll show 987fm's Top 10 Christmas hits!
10. One Less Lonely Girl - Justin Bieber
9. 3 - Britney Spears
8. Time for Miracles - Adam Lambert
7. Damned If I Do Ya(Damned If I Don't) - All Time Low
6. 2 is better than 1 - Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift
5. Fifteen - Taylor Swift
4. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
3. All the Right Moves - OneRepublic
2. Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys
*1*. Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas

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Recent news: Wednesday, December 23, 2009
and that's made official by me.
when i logged in this morning to play maple at me grandma's house he sorta told me he was going ACS(I) and NOT SST.
and i was counting on seeing him in class,if not,school next year other than jing jie and mitchel and those other boys from class....forgot who they are lol.
well,i can definitely survive without him.i didn't really like those 'family ties' made by jasmine even though i know its used to describe our friendship,but i think its rather childish.
i have a feeling a lot of people hate me now.
-This post has been typed with my Macbook Pro-

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Recent news: Tuesday, December 22, 2009
sorry ah i never post lol and that last sunday peeps never went to me house...
well,my mum favors(?) my kumon pals...cos' they don't shout as loud....
the catch? they eat a LOT.
anyways im leaving tis saturday...coming back next saturday...
i wonder if i can facebook in korea?
keep in touch,guys(and gals).

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Recent news: Tuesday, December 15, 2009
boomz sry never post for so long...
ahaha last saturday was ms thia's wedding.
held at a church so there were the hymns and the vows and stuff
lunch was horrible(no offense) lol.
i took only 2 videos of the wedding cos i christian must pay attention and stuff lol.
is it just me...or did ms thia put on weight????? o.O
anyways,me tuition frens came over on sunday and we were all laughing so loudly lol.
now arms still got cramps.....
I'll most likely be having a party this sunday from 2-6pm
but its limited to 7girls 3 boys or whatever cos the maximum number of friends i can have over is 10.
Do tell me through SMS or email if you are coming thanks.
~~For 6 Charitians only~~

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Recent news: Friday, December 4, 2009
Gahh.New Moon absolutely DID NOT meet my expectations.
Ok,the Volturi is cool.That's the only thing I like.
the rest is...sucky.
Yeah,I mean no offense at all to Edward and Jacob and whoever,but...New Moon sucks.
I am so NOT gonna watch Eclipse.
-No offense there-

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Recent news: Wednesday, December 2, 2009
I think i'm the second lowest in class...
I got 239!!!
Freaking low right?
Sigh...dunno what happened...
But i think english i never get A* becuz of compo...
oh well.its O.V.E.R.
So hell care,lah.
hey,this friday whole class can take group photo?
that way i can put my blog background as the class la..
GO 6 CHARITY 2009~~~!

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