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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Saturday, October 30, 2010
today was the digipen thing
mine was from 12-3pm
123 lol
it was fun
but it was also rather boring
make the game very cool
nothing much to say about it, lol

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Recent news: Friday, October 29, 2010
hha yeah
today was archery and sports chanbara
first was chanbara
108 was stuck wif 107 for the whole day
and the instructor spent one hour talking about the sword
later complaining there was not enough time
but it was kinda fun
the warm up the girls were all together and we had to smash each other on the leg below the knee using padded swords
i hit everyone at least once haha
then later 108 against 107
i got owned...
by jie min
damn it sia
he hit me from behind then when i turned around then i realised it
suay ba..
after a break was archery
it was so cool
my group had 15 peeps from 108 and 107
all the boys were from 107 tho
i hold the bow and aim at the target
i imagined it was a mushroom
like the one above except it isnt chasing me
tho the first time I tried mine fell to the ground
epic fail ><
then we had competition
first round my group win
i think it was because elgin patt shot a bullseye?
then second round got 2 balloon worth 10 points
i wanted to shoot but kristin go and shoot, damn it!
and in the end we lost cos we too focused on shooting the balloon
and chin fan got this arrow pencil
it looked so cool
archery is cool
i will learn archery. maybe during the holidays..

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Recent news: Thursday, October 28, 2010
lol yeah
today was perfume making
i thought i was gonna hate it at first
but hey in the end i got really high
on the bus to science center was so LOOL
daniel said clarabelle touched his butt, then kristin ask how he know
and he said clarabelle's touch is different
he very well likes her hahaha
reached science center, i went with michelle lim and chin fan to see see before going to the lab
we went to see the animals
the hamster and mice so cute
haha then we went to the lab
it smelled kind of like sugar biscuits
then i said sweet sugar mother
then my nose started to hurt
we started making
first had to crush the jasmine flowers and stir them in water then decant them
haha it was fun and it smelled better than the room
after that had to grate the lime
jingyi, dionne and michelle loh take turns to grate
after that we did dunno what
then we could go around and mix different extracts to make our own perfume
i mixed with lemon, honeydew and strawberry
mine smelled really good to me
the rest stank, probably cos of the pandan i think
i dun like pandan
then i went round with chin fan looking and smelling all the extracts
cos she also finished hers
and then i found vanilla extract
it smelled soo goooood.....
I couldn't stop smelling it
it seriously smelt so good
and then I went high..
smell too much vanilla le lol
chin fan kept laughing and laughing at me
it was so funny
then i went to put some of the vanilla on my fingers
i did lick a little bit though..tasted nothing
haha lol
now my fingers smell of the wonderful vanilla even after bathing
so of course i overdosed my perfume with vanilla
i eventually got a fruity vanilla smell
sweet :D

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Recent news: Wednesday, October 27, 2010
today was cheerleading
as a post-exam activity
it was so-so
cos after that i was sore all over though i had fun(somewhat?)
now I'm still sore..
cheerleading we learnt a lot of arm motion, jumps and poses and combined them into a dance
and also had to form groups and lift one person up into the air
michelle lim, kok yin and chin fan were in my group
michelle was the 'flyer', the person to be lifted up cos she was the lightest. lol
and she stepped on me and kok yin
so yeah
not fun. not fun at all. lol.
after that I decided to follow michelle home
cos I had no drama(yay me!) and wanted to play maple and she allowed so..
before that we stayed back for a quick birthday celebration for jit sheng
lol happy birthday to you
he treat us pizza. haha second time free pizza
so yeah i went to michelle's house
it was so BIG compared to mine(and I live in condo!)
then I leveled to level 45 (yay me again!)
I MUST level 50 before I go Hanoi...then can focus on spam training dual blade ^^
so yeh
I owned jun jie hahahahaha
then I went home
on the train at bukit batok
I saw
wait for it
wait for it
omg it was so awesome
she had to return some library books and of course I followed her
it was so awesome talking hahaha
i miss primary school life. but now my primary school sucks
thank god I left
We had cuttlefish from the canteen for 6 years and now it is banned
that sucks
but it was awesome just chatting to chloe about life
6 charity should organise a gathering sometime, hmm?

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Recent news: Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I have returned from my Maple spree over the past 2 days
and throughout i was mc-ing(ok, well not all the time)
and I think that I have met all kinds of partners you get for mc in just 2 days

There's the It's ok, I'm playing too partner, who fights the monsters as hard as you do and doesn't really care if he/she is left alone if you disconnect..this is the best partner you can get.

The I'm Noober than You but You'd Better Listen to Me to Win this partner, who curses and swears at you if you don't do what they want, in which mine wanted me to 'lure' the monsters to the center of the arena so he could shoot at them as he was a bowman. When I did, he thought I didn't and swore at me, which nearly made me just stop fighting and let him fight himself. But I was desperate for exp.

And also there's a I Would Like to Help but I'd Rather Leech Off You Since You're so Pro partner, whom appears at first to be able to help you and win the mc eventually getting you lots of exp, ends up doing nothing.

There was also a I'm Sorry, I'm too Noob to Fight this partner, who at first helps you in fighting then when a powerful monster is summoned(like Rombot) they immediately scramble for cover and stop fighting, leaving you to solo out all. Whether this partner may be a help or a hindrance depends on your level as well.

That was a mouthful. lol. But I think should be all. lol. If I were to meet more kinds I would complain about them here. hahhaaha

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Recent news: Friday, October 22, 2010
time to play :D!!
maths paper 1 was DAMN hard. I left some blank sia D:
paper 2 was easier. oh, the irony...
I pray for A2!
ok, now time to go play the Wii!

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Recent news: Thursday, October 21, 2010
today's history was
fairly easy
i wrote until my hand was sore
I think I wrote more for history than for english compo..
ok now that is awesome
oh weell tomorrow is math..
last paper le!
Just a bit more!!

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Recent news: Wednesday, October 20, 2010
tho i missed 20:10 today, the 20/10/2010
i did one pretty cool thing
and that was


im pretty surprised shit can talk
and has limbs and a mouth in the first place
like i said before
1-08 has only 22 people!
it seems my defriend button on facebook will have its debut

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Recent news:
chinese and science are finally over and done with!
science was awesome!
i was like, speeding through it
and doing it damn fast
then i checked it
and checked it
and checked it
and checked it
and i was very sure
chinese was good
my zuo wen was the longest i ever wrote
spilled onto 3 sheets of paper
YEAH i feel so good now. lol
and now i have a whole day to study for history
maths i pray is easy to me.

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Recent news: Tuesday, October 19, 2010
yep another 2 papers have been sat for
english and chinese papers 2
both were ok
tho chinese i minus 2 marks le..write the word wrong.. -.-
but oh well cant be helped
must be optimistic and look on the bright side
ok i doubt there is a bright side
cos tomorrow is science and chinese compo
my chinese compo sucks
science hopefully i still ok
but today was epic for me
cos I did the english paper with like, 40-50 mins to spare
and i spent the rest of the time 'sleeping' or drawing
and talking to Pan
it was damn lol
chinese i had one hour of nothing
so i drew a lot of pictures(which i erased afterwards)
except i left a self-portrait of me on the english paper
and a cat and a dog on the chinese paper
i wonder if they will be seen
maybe i should have checked more but english i was pretty sure I got it
and chinese just looking at it made my head hurt
i bet science tomorrow i will check a damn lot of times
i can't afford to lose marks for science

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Recent news: Monday, October 18, 2010
yep this is the 3-year-old blog's 300th post
1-08 is going on a chalet!
i wanna be one of the peeps that plan everything and stuff
cos i did that last year
and it was a blast!
go read october 2009 de archive
its there all right

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Recent news:
the first 2 papers which is english compo and geog are over and done with
at first english
i was reading the question for the compo and i was thinking, 'wah lau all the question i dunno what to write'
then i went to plan out all 5
luckily for me question 5 seemed better for me to write so i wrote that haha
geog wasnt so bad
except question 2 and the one on industry
that totally(ok maybe just a little bit) killed me
cos i had NO IDEA what world population trend dunno what were talking about
so i anyhow write
i had no idea what it meant
then when i was doing the population pyramid
i thought at first was interpret and justify
then i checked the next question on DTM
and i was like, 'wait, what? so this is on justification or what?'
eventually I gave reasons why the countries were at that stage for the DTM question
nearly gave me the scare of my life( which, I'm sure will happen in math)
then the industry one i was kind of at a loss for words
i did not know what to write on
so eventually i wrote about flat land, energy and government and why
cos since it was about Jurong town council i thought government then can use singapore government to explain
next 2 are english and chinese papers 2
chinese sucks
like seriously

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Recent news: Saturday, October 16, 2010
yesterday was so fun
for some reason
chinese lin lao shi never come, so we had to do this exercise on google sites
eventually everyone started spamming teh chatbox lol
then others go cheat and use the mac hanyu pinyin function to find the words
damn lol
then english was normal, nothing much
recess i kinda stalked michelle lim around
science was about physics
the boys in my class kept saying 'up and down, up and down' about zhang bo do the thing
maths was just asking mr ingham questions
but then is like, after mr ingham goes through one question kok yin will always say, 'but i don't understand' and the rest will all sigh
a bit slow there...
but after lunch was the funny part
i was eating and sitting at a table with ethan, wenkai and renchang
bingjue was sitting opposite us
then zhang bo came and he was whining that he was so doomed because everyone already knew that he was sitting in the toilet that thing and touching his
ok if you don't know as abilash or samuel or 1-08 peeps
they will tell you
then abilash came
he was waving his phone in the air cos apparently he took a video of zhang bo in the toilet
and then zhang bo charged at him and screamed and something
and later zhang bo shifted
he sat opposite kaixuan
and when abilash came back(samuel came a while later) he shouted across the canteen for kaixuan to see the video
abilash tried to show me too
no way man i was eating
so yeah
i have no idea what became of zhang bo after that, cos i followed wenkai, ethan and ren chang
we were to study together and we were searching for a good place
the first place ethan thought of was the stone tables behind, near the field
when we got there aisyah was chasing lionel and it was so hot we went to the library
but it was so noisy
so we went out again
then ethan and I suggested sitting at the umbrella covered table just near the linkway
at least got shelter
but then bingjue didn't want to join us cos got sun LOL
so i and wenkai had to chase him around the school and he finally relented
now you may think that it would be damn hot sitting there even under the umbrella
but all the time we were there, the wind was blowing at us
and very strongly too! it was so awesome
then wenkai kept moaning while doing review 3 lol
and suddenly ethan said the sap from the ixora plant(that is, the plant with all the little flowers) could be drunk and it was soo sweet
wenkai raced to try it
he kept plucking more and more flowers cos he shouted that it was soo sweet!
and then kok yin came and said she knew about the flowers but now they were sprayed with insecticide so cannot drink
ethan and wenkai sort of freaked out
but wenkai kept taking lol
there is more to come
ethan went to fiddle with the umbrella cos he was sitting on the side with sun
and he caused it to collapse down on us
at first it provided more shade but it started to get really stuffy
so he and ren chang raised it again
after that the umbrella was never the same since
also wenkai spilt green tea(which he called a sperm killer) all over his review 3
and bingjue was uploading his admt video
after it finished we used his mac to play songs
and then we used my mac
kept blasting one line from california gurls
'sex...on the beach'
it was soo funny cos ren chang didn't believe it
ahh yes it was so fun
at 3pm i had to leave while they wanted to play handball
don't know whether they did..

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Recent news: Thursday, October 14, 2010
for once i actually feel so happy
i found a true friend in sst at last
it turned out to be different from what i expected at first
but oh well yay!
i guess it is kind of strange
ach never mind
friends are friends :D
and i consider friendship one of the strongest bonds in the world

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Recent news: Wednesday, October 13, 2010
the continuation of my stories:

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Phoenix's Tale
Chapter 2

Jared ran towards her. ‘What. Were. You. Doing?!’ he half shouted half said. ‘You could have been killed! You could have run and that was the end of it!’ he was so angry, he didn’t know why his sister was so stupid to stand there and let the troll get to her...he clenched his fists, looked away and turned silent, while Simon ran down from the patch of sunlight.

‘Great thinking, Jared,’ Simon smiled, patting Jared on the back and shaking a little. ‘Come on, Mallory. We still have to search for that phoenix. I saw it attacking some goblins just now.’ The siblings were searching for the rare phoenix after they saw it near their house. Mallory’s eyes were glazed and unfocused. ‘Mallory? Come on.’ Jared tugged at her sleeve. Suddenly, Mallory dropped to her knees and fainted.‘Mallory! Man, what happened to her...’ Jared muttered as he and Simon lifted her up by her arms and carried her slowly back to the house.

As Mallory lay on her bed, Thimbletack was furrowing his brows. ‘So you guys fought a water troll, and after that she fainted...’ he said slowly. ‘That’s right. Thimbletack, what happened to her?’ Simon asked worriedly. ‘I don’t know,’ the little faerie shrugged, ‘she may be like this for hours. Maybe you should go search for the phoenix first. It may have something to do with her condition.’

Clutching blunt swords on their hands, with salt, tomato sauce and more knifes in their backpacks and the Guide in Jared’s, they set off to the small forest. It had been a year since the ogre was defeated and now all was well. Except for Mallory.


Maple Adventures

Chapter 2

The boat traveling to Orbis docked at the Ellinia station. It was a clear sky outside the island. Fluffy white clouds waltzed across the vast blue sky as a gentle breeze blew. Two adventurers hopped off the boat. One breathed in deeply, then said, ‘Back at last.’

It was a lvl 150 Bow Master and a lvl 149 Bishop. They had been away from Victoria for 2 years, traveling around the Ossryia region, and now they had returned. The Bow Master was decked in a blue hat that clashed with his hazel eyes and light brown hair, a collared green shirt and navy blue pants, with a few arrows and his bow hanging on his back. The Bishop was wearing a grey wizard’s hat, her black hair hanging around her face, where brilliant green eyes shone from within. She was wearing a purple cloak around herself that dressed her from head to toe.‘Let’s go and see how it has changed!’ James the Bow Master said. ‘Yeah! Come on, I want to see my hometown Ellinia just past this portal!’ Olivia the Bishop exclaimed excitedly.

However, after the portal had warped them into the Magician’s town of Ellinia, it was on fire. All the trees were burning with bright orange flames, and grey smoke was billowing out the treetops. Tears sprang to Olivia’s eyes, from the smoke and the slow fact that her home was on fire. ‘W-who did this...wait, this is magical fire!’ she realised. ‘Of course! Its the only fire that can..we must put out this fire immediately!’ and teleported to the nearest burning tree.


hope you enjoyed it ^^

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Recent news:
i was chatting the other day
with ethan
and he said some things which were really good
and made up on the spot
we were talking about zhang bo's super low reputation
I said,'he's lower than -2, -10000000000000000 times infinity'
and he said,'LOL! if you can dig through the earth's core and come out the other side
that's how low he is'
hahahhahahah nice one ethan
and another thing he said was
'(heck care, lol, and epic) = rocks'
i was like, what does that mean
and he said,' heck care is neither a noun or a verb
you cannot heck care someone or something
you can't be "heck cared"
so it is neutral then is 0
which is a rock'
'epic, epic things always rock
so when something rocks it is epic
so epic = rocks'
'lol, lol is to describe something you laugh about
which means it is also epic and it rocks
therefore (heck care + lol + epic) = rocks
each coefficient is 1 rock
so 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 rocks
so (heck care + lol + epic) = rocks
I came up with this in like, 1 min'
so to that I said(or laughed more rather) 'ohhhhhhhhh........cheyyyyyyyy......hahhahahahahahas nice one'
ethan is epic, so he is a rock. LOLOLOL

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Recent news: Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I didn't want to interfere with my stories below so i created another post
at least I feel much better now which is i am not emo anymore
oh and Kristin, I am sooo sorry
I hope its not too late to apologise ><
and also
I hear there may be a pet's day next year
that would be so cool
I have no pets anyway
except for some fish...but those are my parents
ok i should revise now since i am so free hahas

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Recent news:
thus i am posting this now
i kind of don't know what to post for iWeb..
we never used it except for ict...
kind of useless...
i am working on two stories in conjunction for revising for english paper 1 hahas
hope you all enjoy it
but here it is anyway
tho for the story 'The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Phoenix's Tale' you may need some background info:
Faeries are creatures living in the world around us, except you can't see them unless you have the Sight, and I swear the Sight is damn hard to get, even I don't have it
There are many different kinds of faeries, and all the creatures I mention are usually faeries unless I say so :)
enjoyyy :) and do leave comments on which one you like better or how to improve on it thanks

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Phoenix's Tale
Chapter 1

She shuddered as the horrific monster drew itself towards her. She was immobilised with fear and could hardly breathe. A few metres away stood her two brothers, Jared and Simon, yelling continuously for her to run, to run away as fast as she could. But she was rooted to the spot.

Jared and Simon were frantic. Their sister Mallory was about to be eaten by a water troll that had come out from the river they were at to catch fishes just a while ago. They had ran at their first instinct, panting, standing in a bright patch of sunlight, for they knew trolls hated that. But Mallory had barely moved a muscle as the troll reached out a slimy long hand with huge fingers that could grab her in one swipe.

‘MALLORY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! RUN!’ Simon screamed. Jared then saw a rapier on the ground. He picked it up and used it to reflect the sunlight straight into the troll’s eyes.

There was a loud ‘Aaanughh’ as the troll called out, was blinded and burned by the sun and quickly retreated to the deepest part of the river and slowly sank down to the bottom. Mallory had hardly moved throughout the whole situation.


Maple Adventures

Chapter 1

It was a dark and gloomy day in Victoria Island. Though it was supposed to be fine weather every day, today was different. There was just so many clouds, dark clouds that covered the sun and prevented any ray of light to poke through.

In the bowman town of Henesys, despite the cloudy weather everyone still went about their daily routine. Except that something was missing. The usually bustling town was deserted. Not a single adventurer was there, not even in the most popular channel. The townspeople were worried, for if the adventurers did not return to Victoria the island’s trade would fail.

Out of the blue, a gang of around 7 adventurers set foot in Henesys. The first group in months, the townspeople greeted them warmly. But soon they had turned around and fled for their lives, as the leader of the gang commanded his followers to destroy everything and kill everyone. This was not a benevolent guild of adventurers. The dark days of Victoria just got darker...

The leaders of the different towns quickly held a meeting in private. They all feared for the lives of the people and the island. The leaders were unable to help. The gang was too strong. Only other adventurers could kill them, but there were none. ‘Where are all the Adventurers? This gang will destroy everything if we don’t stop them!’ Athena Pierce voiced out her fears. ‘Left for Ossryia, it seems,’ Grendel the Really Old replied gravely.

‘I guess we can only wait, until they return...’


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Recent news: Monday, October 11, 2010
I can prove that you know

For English, form a sentence with the words 'kissed' and 'girl'.
I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry

For Maths, a fresh division of numbers is?
New Divide - Linkin Park

For Biology, a tasty Gluteus Maximus is also known as?
Bootylicious - Destiny's Child

For Geography, what do you call a bunch of people having fun in a big country?
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

In Physics, an armor that protects the wearer from ballistics is?
Bulletproof - La Roux

For History, during Hitler's occupation of Europe, that period was also known as?
Mad World - Adam Lambert

Lastly for Chemistry, what do you get when you combine two parts potassium with two parts oxygen?
Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

See it helps! :D
Credits to Muttons from 987fm

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Recent news: Sunday, October 10, 2010
ah yes I feel pathetic
god knows how much hurt I've caused
im lucky im not shot down by lightning yet
wish i was..
and curses
I have yet to do my compo
I have ... wait I'm ranting about my own problems again
well this sucks
I suck more likely
yea I suck
i know that there are many people out there(maybe the whole of 108, even) that agree to the above sentence that i suck
i bet no one even trusts me
not anymore
for those who have been hurt by me
I am very sorry
you can come and hit me if you like
I deserve it

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Recent news: Saturday, October 9, 2010
went blog-hopping to-day
after my hour of studying lol
sians la history
visited all the blogs in my links
apparently some are...locked some are outdated
oh well
hardly anyone visits my blog(even when they do they leave no proof of their visit)
but who cares :D
i am not like those people who put those people counters and check daily who has visited
i am already pleased enough to read my own blog ahahahaha
ah yes i love my blog
one thing cos it looks good
and the other thing is that it is a 'memory bank' for all the stuff that happened in school or to me
so i can save my 1 TB (or was it YB for yetabyte? can't remember lol!) of memory in meh brain for the exams stuff
hmm, my tuition teacher (for maths) and my sec-4 friends say science does not need to be studied, o.o i wonder why
I do not wish to take the risk for the upcoming exams lols
later i fail then i die
yea cant take the risk ahaha
ahh I love myself
zilian. lols
and just a little note:
I am crazy not chio and I know they both start with the same letter like my name but they make a difference lols
hmm, I wonder what Super+Brie tastes like?
lol random
all those reading (maybe even following, but nah, doubt if anyone is following this blog) please leave a tag
take it as an act of kindness towards me ba haha
random stuff-cum-sign-off:
Faeries are magical creatures that live around us
They could be brownies clearing your drawer
Or sprites disguised as flowers
They may be pixies wanting to steal your cakes
Or trolls living within the huge lakes
ok, never mind that.

Celine aka EvanrocksX3
Evan rocks~! X3

I can haz cheeseburger? :D

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Recent news: Friday, October 8, 2010
oh well
10 days left to exams
and im still hyper
suddenly class so quiet
i succeeded in getting out a secret hahaha
i feel so pro lol

Peer over the edge
Can you see me?
Rivulets flow from your eyes
Paint runs from your mouth like a waterfall
And your lungs crystallise
I'll travel the sub-zero tundra
I'll brave glaciers and frozen lakes
And that's just the tip of the iceberg
I'll do whatever it takes
To change~
Tip of the Iceberg - Owl City
ahaha another owl city song

laalalala mr low is here

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Recent news: Thursday, October 7, 2010
yesterday went to the hospital to visit my grandfather
it was cool cos got all de new technology stuff around
and furthermore i never go hospital before
but then in the same ward that my grandfather was in there was this other guy
he kept groaning sia
very unsettling
i thought he was in like a damn lot of pain
then i realised he was..just breathing
and his breathing just happened to ... make sounds... that sounded like groans
so.. yea
shall not explain further cos its slowly creeping me out
now me in school
o yea and whatever i wrote about junhao earlier..
im now neutral so it doesnt really count
and woops mr koh is here

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Recent news: Tuesday, October 5, 2010
oh well
12 more days
stupid go spam my tagbox
aiya heck care la
today got uber big commotion in school sia
like everyone was, 'ehhhhhhhhhh'
that looked really funny
but anyway this blogskin rocks cos it looks soooo neat :D
ahhh cant wait for ...22 october 12 noon
that is exactly when the last paper which is maths finishes :D
i think i would just say 'YeES!' to myself
and shake my fist in the air and hug Pantalaimon(who is my daemon) and say 'WOoOoOo' damn loud
then I would rush home and play mousehunt and play the wii and the ds
or just mindlessly run around the house screaming
then quickly arrange for a time when i could just go to my grandma's house to play Maple for like a damn long time
maybe until my evan lvl 45 lol
its lvl 42
can't wait for THAT!
MAple WooOooO
befoerI hyper myself I should go revise for a while

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Recent news: Monday, October 4, 2010
I lovee my new blogskin :D
Hope you still know who I am cos my profile doesn't really say much ahaha
it makes my blog look so neat. lol
sigh everyday study study study
I'm bored of studying lol
sigh oh well back to studying
history is boring to study. ahaha
13 more days to the exams..

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Recent news:
now iz free period :D
supposed to be geog but mr koh bo come lol
furthermore now 108 classroom on first floor so good right ahaaha
wheeeeeee so freeeeeeee
hey that rhymed. LOL
and now me is officially banned from facebook more mousehunting D:
of course I got enough potions luckily to get around 400++ cheese to last me till I get back on
took me a damn lot of calculation lol
this is only where maths comes in handy hahaha

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Recent news: Saturday, October 2, 2010
Nothing to say cos weekend mostly just revision
tho this weekend I am chionging to get as many Radioactive Blue cheese to last me till the last day of exams so yeah lol
I have been playing Owl City( I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)'s new song To The Sky for the Owl movie lol.
Here are the lyrics:

Shipwreck in a sea of faces

There's a dreamy world up there

Dear friends in higher places

Carry me away from here

Travel light, let the sun eclipse you

Cause your flight is about to leave

And there's more to this brave adventure

Than you'd ever believe

Bird's eye view, awake the stars cause they're all around you

Wide eyes will always brighten the blue

Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery

Cause after all those wings will take you, up so high

So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind

And take to the sky

{you take to the sky}

On the heels of war & wonder

There's a stormy world up there

You can't whisper above the thunder

But you can fly anywhere

Purple burst of paper birds

This picture paints a thousand words

So take a breath of myth & mystery

And don't look back

Bird's eye view, awake the stars cause they're all around you

Wide eyes will always brighten the blue

Chase your dreams, and remember me,sweet bravery

Cause after all those wings will take you, up so high

So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind

And take to the sky

{you take to the sky}

There's a realm above the trees

Where lost are finally found

Touch your feathers to the breeze

And leave the ground

Bird's eye view, awake the stars cause they're all around you

Wide eyes will always brighten the blue

Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery

Cause after all those wings will take you, up so high

So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind

And take to the sky

{you take to the sky x2}

Listen to it. It is seriously very nice. Its the top song played on my iTunes now lol

I curse Mousehunt for not giving me my potions

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Recent news: Friday, October 1, 2010
sad Children's Day never celebrate
I weep with the loss of my Children's Day gifts
Typing during recess now hehe
Somehow I don't hate someone as much as I used to now thanks to Ethan who explained something forgot what lol
now science le but no teacher...i guess i can continue then lol
later got physics remedial...for me lol
I 不甘心 with failing hahas
however jun hao is seriously a person who should not be on the earth
he is not worthy
if everyone comes to this world for a reason, then jun hao's reason is to piss us all off.

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