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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
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PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Wednesday, October 8, 2008
i got a quiz!
Q1.Your friend is stuck with the worst haircut in the universe.What will be your reaction?I would probably laugh but will tell her how bad it is,lah.
Q2.A tv ad for donkey aid is on during a commercial break.Your reaction?Say:"What the heck?"
Q3.You think that butterflies are......just some kind of insect.
Q4.What job do you want to be?A scientist,or maybe a billionare:)
Q5.Your favourite film is:Er,maybe The Spiderwick Chronicles,no,er,Kung Fu Panda.nope,Journey to the Center of the Earth?i cant decide so DUNNO.
Q6.Your favourite animal is:Bats or Snakes.
Q7.Your favourite colour is:BLUE!!Whee!
Q8.You like to think of yourself as:Humble,funny and a bit crazy.
Q9.If you were starring in a movie,what would you want to be?I'd rather NOT star in a movie.

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