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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
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PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Thursday, April 22, 2010
Ran 2.4km for PE,I thought it was the real one so I ran in under 20 mins...then turned out it was only warm-up, wah lau! waste my energy.
Then assembly was about the track and field next week...we broke off into our houses to do the cheers,strain my voice sia,now i either sound very guai or i no voice.Stupid la! Kaixuan still go put me as leader for cheerleading lor.
The people who keep saying 'red house rocks,red house rocks' (Kristin or Michelle and a few others) are now beginning to get on my nerves. I don't give a fuck about your house. Stop saying your house so good la.So what if your house good.You mocking my house is it? Give respect to other houses la. Surely you must laugh at yellow house behind our backs,saying we suck because we are losing. Act so cocky,sure lose. Too bad lor. Shit you la. Red house ain't as good as you think.

dunno why during chinese sooo tired.....i could hear everything the teacher said,at least...and i could hear the noises in the background,but i couldn't make out what they were saying..nearly fell asleep sia....remember the part where the teacher said '你的眼睛是要开的才可以看他做什么哦....'? she was referring to me,cos i had my eyes closed and nearly drifted off..
during history i was ok,cos i went to the toilet to wash my face..
Then after school I waited for him to finish copying...dunno why i think mr low suspects us...LOL!
When the bus was near my house it was raining so damn heavily sia..i was getting a little scared..cos the lightning was rather bright and the wind was very strong...
So i got home sopping wet. Yes,even with my umbrella the wind whipped the drops all over me,even on my bag(my mac was safe though,lucky!)
Then when I got home my mother told me to go and shower IMMEDIATELY,i was like,why? It's just rain. My mother then told me for the first time in Singapore in 750 years this rain was not just any type of rain,it was ACID RAIN! So i freaked out and,um,told him(wow,I actually DARED to do that...I don't think I will do it again)not to get wet in the rain,because acid rain gives you a very high risk of getting skin i was really worried..
Apparently, from today till the 28 of April, all the rain that will be pouring down is acid rain,so try not to get wet,and this is the first time in 750 years that acid rain has poured down on Singapore,plus,acid rain gives you a high risk of skin cancer,so be careful! And do pass this message on to your family and friends..

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