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Oh, you're at the lol epic fail site, enjoy alright.

My name is Celine
I come from BTPS 6C'09 to SST 1-08'10/2-08'11
I'm your insane girl-next-door. My madness makes me weird and funny. So there.
Arian, 18Apr ^^
I love Him :), MapleStory, Pokemon and Owl City
I also especially love Jesse Eisenberg right nao. so listen to this:
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PS3 and LBP 1/2
The Social Network/Inception/HTTYD DVD
Owl City's new album ATBAB released on June 18
Pokepark: Pikachu's adventure wii game
A hard disk drive to backup my mac
Level 63 Evan and level 40 Battle Mage by end June
Pokemon Black and HeartGold on 3DS
Lvl 50 Mechanic before any tests or whatever
5As of course, especially for ADMT
Die instantly in my seat once HPDH2 ends


Recent news: Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Today so fun :D
in the morning we just stay in the room listen to the guy speak
then recess
after that we go build some giant planes in our groups, my group's one was epic fail. then go to learning oasis watch some videos than go for lunch
(I am speeding through today's events cos I forgot most of them D:)
after lunch went for some activities but because we spent so much time on one so the rest cannot D:
So the activity was that 3 peeps from each class were to be blind, I volunteered :D then the rest were to guide them downstairs, I nearly fell sia D: once we reached the canteen we were to stand on a mat and flip it over while everyone was to stand on it
I very scared sia, cos I cannot see. If this is how it is like to be blind, then I am glad I have the ability to see. Furthermore I am slightly scared of the dark. Luckily the rest who could see(including him) helped me and the other 2 who were blind. Thank you :D.
And because i couldn't see and we had to flip the mat, I was like holding on to so many people. I held on to Kok Yin(she's also blind), Michelle, Ren Chang, Jun Hao, Jun Peng, Ethan, Jing Heng, Aaron, Clarabelle and maybe Daniel...
o.o Oh. My. God. o.o yikes. lol. jk la i only hold their shoulder or arm. Although I think there was one time Zhang Bo was leaning on me. O.O ok now THAT is creepy.
XD He offered to carry me for the activity(I am referring to that special he, not Zhang Bo) but I scared he cannot take my weight so I dun wan. LOL. :D
Went randoming after school, spammed everyone's wall(which is what I'm doing now,actually) hehe :D
Little bro Elgin you owe me one and a daily high-5~ :D lol

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